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Welcome to the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts Internship Information Site. Please take time to examine the information found on this site to assist you in finding an internship.

Students majoring in Architectural Studies, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Museum Studies, Visual Communication Design or the BA in the Arts – Arts Administration focus area are required to complete an internship program as part of their curriculum.

Students in other majors in the Herberger Institute are strongly encouraged to seek internship opportunities and apply for academic credit through their academic unit. Your faculty members are great resources to tap when starting your internship search. You can also speak with your advisor for suggestions and use the links on this page for guidance.

10 Reasons to Intern

  1. You can receive 1-3 hours of upper division academic credit. The number of credit hours received is based on the number of work hours required for the internship.
  2. Gain hands-on experience, which puts you one step ahead when looking for future employment.
  3. Helps with career development, which enables you to explore interests and employment possibilities in a work setting.
  4. Assists with employment networking opportunities allowing you to meet and connect with potential employers in your field of study.
  5. Expands your intellectual development by taking what you have learned in class and applying it to real-world experiences.
  6. As you face or observe the challenges inherent in making decisions in complex situations, you further your ethical development.
  7. As you discover and reinforce skills, knowledge and abilities in a new environment, you expand your personal and professional development.
  8. You will interact with others in your field, a process that will help you better understand and value organizational culture.
  9. You will gain confidence and experience and further validate you are on the best career path for you.
  10. You will have a distinct advantage when conducting a job search upon graduation.


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